Blissey’s Pokemon Unite release date and moves revealed

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 16, 2021

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The next Pokemon to arrive in Pokemon Unite will be none other than Blissey, who is set to release on Wednesday, August 18. 

It has been known for a while that Blissey will be coming to Pokemon Unite, but most players were expecting Blastoise to follow Gardevoir as the second DLC Pokemon. Instead, Blissey will be the next to arrive in Pokemon Unite and may be poised to remove Eldegoss as the go-to support Pokemon. 

These are the moves for Blissey in Pokemon Unite

From the looks of it, Blissey seems to be a Pokemon that will be all about helping out teammates. The most optimal way to play Blissey will likely be paired up with a carry such as Greninja, Cinderace, or Gengar. Together with a carry, Blissey will be able to heal, remove crowd control, and even tank up a portion of the damage that the teammate takes. 

Level one moves


One of the first moves for Blissey will be Pound, which will simply deal damage and slow the impacted enemy. 

Heal Pulse:

The other option at level one is Heal Pulse, which will heal allies over time. 

Level four moves

Egg Bomb: 

Egg Bomb is a targeted AOE skill that will deal damage and displace impacted enemies. When upgraded, Egg Bomb will also slow down enemies. 

Helping Hand: 

Helping Hand will increase the movement speed and attack speed of an allied Pokemon. When the duration ends, the allied Pokemon will have boosted attacks. When Helping Hand gets upgraded, it will boost the attack even further. 

Level six moves


This move will let Blissey charge up a total of three eggs. Blissey can throw these eggs at allied Pokemon and provide a heal for that Pokemon and itself. When Softboiled is upgraded, Blissey will increase the number of charges to four.

Heal Bell: 

Heal Bell will dispel crowd control from the targeted ally. It will also give immunity from crowd control for a short amount of time, which will be perfect to save allies from any danger. If Heal Bell is upgraded, it will grant the ally a shield as well. 

Blissey Unite Move

Bliss Assistance: 

At level nine, Blissey will get access to its Unite Move Bliss Assistance. This move will allow Blissey to jump towards an ally Pokemon to provide a shield and boost their attack and special attack. Furthermore, Blissey will take some of the damage dealt to that ally Pokemon. If Bliss Assistance is used on an enemy, Blissey will knock it back. 

When does Blissey release in Pokemon Unite? 

Blissey will be the second DLC Pokemon to be released in Pokemon Unite.

The Pokemon Company confirmed that Blissey will launch August 18, 2021.

Pokemon Unite was originally released with a total of 20 playable Pokemon, followed by Gardevoir which was released shortly after. 

At the same time, Gardevoir was revealed, it was also announced that Blastoise would be making its entrance to the game in the near future alongside a mysterious Pokemon. This mysterious Pokemon clearly seems to be Blissey and it will even release before Blastoise against most people’s expectations. At the moment, it is unclear how many Aeos Gems or Coins Blissey will require to be unlocked.


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