Play as B.O.B. in new Overwatch game mode that gives players control

By Milo Webb


Jun 18, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Players can now see what it would be like to play as Ashe’s robotic companion B.O.B, thanks to the magic of the Overwatch Workshop.

A user on Reddit has introduced a custom game mode in which players can take control of B.O.B after activating Ashe’s ultimate ability. But in order to design a way to play as the mechanical butler, the creator had to tweak a few things.

Once activating Ashe’s ultimate, the player’s view immediately transforms into that of a charging Reinhardt. After the charge concludes, the player’s perspective shifts once again, this time into Soldier: 76 with his Tactical Visor activated. The player remains static during this period and can only look around, aim, and shoot. The view will return to Ashe once the ability’s duration comes to a close.

The goal of this custom gamemode is to best emulate B.O.B’s in-game behavior. Small details were tweaked in order to achieve this, including reducing Tactical Visor’s rate of fire as well as increasing the player’s health to 1200 points in order to better mimic B.O.B.’s beefiness.

Despite the attention to detail, there are a few rough edges to this game mode.

For example, when the player’s view changes to Reinhardt, the character’s health pool rests at 500 points. It won’t shift to B.O.B’s regular health until Reinhardt’s charge finishes.

Additionally, Ashe vanishes upon activating her ultimate since the player’s control and perspective shifts to B.O.B. The player will regain control of Ashe after the ability’s duration expires and will reappear in the same spot where the ultimate was initially used. This acts quite differently compared to regular play, where Ashe can continue attacking independently while B.O.B assists her. This shifting perspective can prove to be beneficial or detrimental for the player depending on the position of the enemy upon returning to Ashe.

Reception from the Overwatch Reddit community to the work has been positive, with other users complimenting the creator’s creativity.

Those interested in playing Overwatch’s favorite cybernetic outlaw can access the gamemode using the code TRBK1.