PGL says CSGO Major might not take place in Sweden

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 13, 2021

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s first major since 2019 may not be held in Sweden, just like Dota 2’s showpiece event, The International 10. 

In an email to SportExpressen, the CEO of PGL has revealed that the major CSGO event is encountering similar difficulties as Dota’s TI10, which may lead to a change of location. 

“There is no new development; we can decide any day now to move it from Sweden. We are still hopeful of getting the exemption we requested to bring in the players, but there has been no indication at all as to whether it will happen or not,” CEO Silviu Stroie said.

Sweden has become a home to esports after hosting tons of significant gaming events, including the 2013 and 2014 DreamHack Winter events in Jönköping. However, an unfortunate turn of events had raised questions regarding the location for the next CSGO Major. The change of venue for TI10 due to an impasse between Valve and the Swedish government had worried the CSGO fans about the status of PGL Major 2021. The event was set to take place at the signature CSGO arena, the Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, Sweden. 

The venue for the CSGO event is also the same as the International 10, which was shifted to Bucharest, Romania, after the Swedish Sports Federation voted against accepting esports as an “elite sporting event.” Concerns were raised but the fans were optimistic that the Major would return to the Swedish capital. However, recent comments of the PGL CEO changes everything. 

PGL Stockholm Major could be moved from Sweden

Likely, the next Major will also see a change of locations until PGL gets any form of reassurance they can run the event. Otherwise, the first major since 2019 will see the same fate as Valve’s MOBA. The CEO has confirmed a delay in the process, which may prompt the organizers to change the venue for good. 

However, Sweden has always been considered “CSGO’s home” and fans want to see the historical event at the signature Ericson Globe. To make this possible, the Swedish Esports Association has nudged the authorities by publishing a letter regarding the current event.

“It would contribute to a greatly reduced reputation for arranging major international e-sports tournaments in Sweden,” the association said, according to SportExpressen. “With this letter, we want to call on responsible ministers, ministries, and committees to follow up on the promises made and implement the changes required for esports events to be implemented in Sweden.”

It remains to be seen whether things pan out differently for CSGO Major. While it’s improbable, fans hope to watch the 16th CSGO Major staged in the Swedish capital. The PGL Stockholm Major will feature the lion’s share of the $2 million prize pool, heftiest for Valve-sponsored tournaments. 


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