Percy Jackson TV Series, release date, cast, and more

By Melany Moncada


Mar 30, 2023

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians is an upcoming TV series developed by the streaming platform Disney+. It is one of the most anticipated shows for the platform, and here is everything we know so far.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is based on the novel series of the same name written by North American author Rick Riordan. The story was first adapted in 2010 and had a 2013 sequel. The movie, starring Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson, was heavily criticized by fans who have been claiming a better adaptation ever since.

Disney+ announced the TV series, featuring an age-appropriate cast. Walker Scobell, known for The Adam Project, is playing the title character. Leah Jeffries and Aryan Simhadri are playing Percy’s companions, Annabeth Chase and Grover Underwood.

The first footage of the show was revealed during the D23 Expo, celebrated in September 2022.

What is Percy Jackson and the Olympians TV series about?

The TV series follows Percy Jackson, a troubled young boy from Manhattan, who discovers the truth about his parentage after an encounter with a fury. Percy discovers that he is the son of the Greek God Poseidon, which makes him a half-blood.

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Percy is forced to run away to Camp Half-Blood, a summer camp where other children of gods reunite. At Camp Half-Blood, Percy meets Annabeth and discovers that his school friend, Grover, is a satyr.

While at the camp, Percy is accused of stealing Zeus’ thunderbolt and embarks on a quest to recover it.  Annabeth and Grover join him on the quest.

What is the release date for Percy Jackson TV series?

Percy Jackson wrapped filming earlier this year. The show is now in post-production and is scheduled to be released in 2024. The exact date hasn’t been announced yet.

Who will play Zeus in Percy Jackson series?

In January, it was revealed that Lance Reddick would take on the role of Zeus, and Toby Stephens, better known for his role in Black Sails, would play Poseidon. This would be one of the last works of Reddick, who tragically passed away on March 18, 2023.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians hasn’t been renewed for a second season at the moment, and plans for a recasting are on hold for the time being.


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