Destiny 2 star Lance Reddick tragically dies at 60

By Melany Moncada


Mar 20, 2023

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Lance Reddick, the voice actor of Commander Zavala in Destiny 2 and many other productions, has suddenly passed away at 60.

The gaming community is saddened at the untimely passing of Lance Reddick. The actor is known for voicing Zavala in Destiny 2 and his role as Charon in the John Wick movies. The actor also had a small role as Sylens in the hit video game Horizon Forbidden West, among many other appearances in film and television..

The actor died of natural causes, his family reported.

Destiny 2 fans pay tribute to Lance Reddick

Reddick was more than just an actor for Destiny 2. He was a fan of the game and constantly played it. Through social media, Reddick constantly shared videos of himself playing the game.

A Redditor shared a screenshot of Reddick’s PlayStation account. It showed the actor had been playing Destiny 2 the night before he passed away.

On Twitter, fans are paying tribute to the actor and sharing their favorite Commander Zavala quotes, including:

“If we do not meet again, know how proud I am of what you have done.”

Fans will still get a chance to enjoy new Reddick work. According to the actor’s IMDB page, Reddick has seven upcoming projects, including DisneyPlus’ Percy Jackson, where he will play Zeus.

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What will happen to Lance Reddick’s character in Destiny?

Players of the game are asking for some sort of in-game tribute, like a themed armor or an emblem. Players are also holding vigils around Commander Zavala in-game. The question remains, what will happen with Zavala next?

Considering that Reddick had been linked to the character for a decade, a recasting seems unlikely. AI is an option used to bring back actors to life in some way, but the actor’s family might oppose this idea.

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Perhaps the developers will write Zavala out of the game. With an expansion coming out in 2024, fans have speculated that Reddick might have been done with his voice acting for it. After that, Zavala might get a heroic ending to honor Reddick.