Patch 3.03 adds wall bang update, Viper’s accidental buff fixed

Fariha Bhatti • August 10, 2021 5:48 pm

Patch 3.03 bears bad news for Viper players who were having a field day after an accidental buff. 

The new patch update is finally here and while it’s not a big one, it certainly brings some major changes for regular Valorant players. The brand new update significantly nerfs Viper’s ultimate, adds advanced crosshair options, and fixes several other bugs in the game. 

Viper’s crosshair no longer activates her ultimate 

After installing patch 3.01, players noticed a pleasant change in Viper’s Pit that caused her ultimate to spawn at her placement reticle instead of around her. However, the developer has clarified that it accidentally delivered a bug in the old patch, which has now been fixed. 

Viper can no longer employ her crosshair to initiate her poisons. This is a significant setback for primary Viper players who benefited from this bug for an entire patch. The agent could cover desired areas without giving up her position in ranked games, putting her at a significant advantage. For example, this bug was useful for protecting a dropped Spike from safety without letting enemies pinpoint your location. 

After the latest patch, players will no longer be able to play tricks with reticle placement. Instead, the ultimate will begin from Viper’s location, making her team pay the cost of securing ground before she can place her pit. 

Advanced crosshair settings 

Many players complained about being forced to play with weird shotgun crosshairs in Valorant. The developer has listened. Patch 3.03 will add an advanced option that will allow players to use the primary crosshair with shotguns. 

The new patch also makes saving crosshair settings easier. Players can switch between multiple crosshair settings without making minor edits every single time. Riot Games has added the ability to save and switch between various crosshair profiles with a promise to add a feature that will let players share their crosshair settings with teammates. 

Valorant gets more “wall bang” box spots 

You might want to bolster your shield because Valorant’s paper objects are getting thinner. 

Patch 3.03 makes Radianite boxes more prone to bullets. The Radianite boxes, often called the green crates, were previously much more rigid than the rest of the objects. Players could shoot through some containers from limited directions but not others. The new patch will let you shoot through Radianite crates, with appropriate weapons, from all angles. Try opting for Odin, Vandal, or Ares to spam the green boxes effectively. 


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