OWL fans unhappy with early Homestand ticket prices, confusion

By Morten Marstal


Aug 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Several Overwatch League franchises have angry fans nipping at their heels this week after high prices were revealed and several team’s Overwatch League homestead ticketing launches proved problematic.

Boston Uprising fans were baffled when their team’s tickets went on sale with no announcement of a venue having been made. While most other venues are selling their seats in the $45-80 range at the cheapest levels, the Uprising are asking almost $120 before fees for their cheapest seats. Many fans have refused to buy tickets as a result, and have been vocal about their displeasure.

The Paris Eternal angered their fans by only releasing a package of all of their homestead weekends combined. It isn’t currently possible to purchase individual weekend tickets. Many fans have voiced their dissent regarding the decision, claiming that they can’t make their travel plans until their tickets are secured. There has been no official announcement about when individual weekends will go on sale, or if they will at all.

The Vancouver Titans caused their own confusion with a “deposit” system which allows fans to claim a seat, but fans won’t be able to pick that seat until the September 29 general public sale. It is unclear how much tickets will cost at that time.

OWL ticket confusion spreads across the globe


Issues with ticketing were present in both venues for the Philadelphia Fusion. At first, only $140 and higher ticket prices were shown for their two dates at the Metropolitan Philadelphia, and many fans eager to snatch up tickets missed the $75 mezzanine seats that went up shortly after launch. For their Atlantic City venue, fans were outraged after waiting 40 minutes to find $250 seats for every single seat in the venue. This was remedied minutes later, and fans were able to buy tickets at the correct prices.

In addition to launch issues, fans are split on if the prices are reasonable. Many fans compare the prices to other sporting events such as baseball or football, while other fans feel that since esports is not as in demand as traditional sports, the ticket prices should be cheaper.

Several teams haven’t released their tickets yet. Those are likely to go on sale at a later date.


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