Overwolf’s new app makes it easier than ever to host custom games

By William Davis


Apr 27, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

With so many popular games today benefiting from customization, gamers often find themselves searching for the right option for tuning their own games and servers. And the latest release from Overwolf is looking like just the answer.

Overwolf’s Nodecraft Powered app is built from the ground up for ease and simplicity. It allows players to securely run a custom server to their exact requirements, and running it as simple as running any other desktop application, smoothly integrated into the game they’re playing.

Minecraft has achieved legendary status with its plethora of customization options. This year, new release Valheim enthralled players with its similar emphasis on customization. Being able to boot up a server with your friends and tune things just right makes enjoying these titles that much easier.

How does the Overwolf app work?

Overwolf’s app stands out from the crowd of options in this regard in large part due to its ease of use. Signing up for the app is a simple process, and a free trial is available to allow players to get a taste of it before making any sort of commitment.Once an account is created, it’s as simple as firing up a new instance for the game you’re interested in. Minecraft and Valheim are among more than 20 titles covered by the service. Others include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2, Rust, Terraria, and more.

With the instance established, joining the game you’re looking to play and searching for a server will clue the Overwolf app into your search. It instantly provides the correct address to you, making joining your customized server a cinch. This means that there’s no need to cross reference a list of addresses or to perform an in-depth investigation to find the right point of connection. The app takes care of that automatically.

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Overwolf then goes one step further by providing an in-game app function. This allows you to perform a number of tasks related to your custom server, including restarting the server, starting and stopping games, inputting commands, and more, all without ever leaving the game.

In discussing the app and its functionality, Overwolf CEO Uri Marchand spoke to his company’s ongoing efforts to work with top partners to produce apps and experiences that meet the real needs of players.

“At Overwolf, we are proud to partner with talented developers who build in-game apps. These apps range from enhancing the gaming experience in top titles like League of Legends to those like Nodecraft, which allows gamers to have full control of servers in-game without breaking the experience,” Marchand said. “The Nodecraft team has dedicated their talent and resources to improving gamer server hosting and the value they bring to gamers is wonderful.”

The benefit of those partnerships shows itself pretty clearly with this latest app. Its ease of use helps to lower the barrier for running and operating custom servers, and could help many new players to run their own servers without having to worry about the usual complexities that might have turned them away before.