Overwatch-themed Nintendo Switch controllers available for pre-order

By Rebekah Drake


Sep 14, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

In anticipation of Overwatch’s upcoming release on the Nintendo Switch, two new themed controllers are available for pre-order.

The wireless pro-style controllers are being produced by peripherals manufacturer PowerA, and feature artwork of D.Va and Reaper. PowerA’s controllers will be based on the Wireless Pro Controller line for the Switch, meaning that the controllers will look and feel like their Xbox and Playstation counterparts rather than the Switch’s standard Joy-Con devices.

Similar to the character, Reaper’s controller will be primarily black in color, with red accents on the buttons. Reaper himself can be seen in the center of the controller, with the Death Blossom icon prominently featured on the left. The controller is currently listed for pre-order on Amazon.

D.Va’s controller is designed in much the same way, but features her distinctive color scheme. The base of the controller is a bright blue, while the buttons and thumbsticks are bubble gum pink. As with Reaper, her character art is in the center of the controller, with the Self Destruct icon on the left hand side, mirrored on the right by her character symbol. So far, the pre-order for this controller has only been spotted on EB Games’s Australian website.

Similar to their other hardware, these Overwatch-themed controllers will be a cheaper alternative to Nintendo’s first-party offerings. The drawback to its lower price tag is that it does not support Amiibo use, and will require AA batteries to run. Descriptions list it running for 30 hours before needing a battery change.

Despite being made by a third-party manufacturer, the controllers are officially licensed by both Nintendo and Blizzard. PowerA is a company well-known for making colorful and thematic controllers based on key characters from various franchises.

PowerA also have an Overwatch carrying case available for pre-order, colored with the orange, black, and white of the Overwatch Logo. Like the controllers, the case is officially licensed by both Blizzard and Nintendo.

Overwatch is set to launch on the Nintendo Switch on October 15. The Reaper controller is listed for release on September 20 on Amazon, while D.Va’s variant is not due for release until October.