Overwatch pro called out for griefing teammates over hero dispute

Morten Marstal • August 19, 07:32

Being teamed up with an Overwatch League player isn’t always as great as it would seem.

Vancouver Titans tank player Sang-bom “Bumper” Park has been accused of intentionally throwing a role queue game because a teammate wouldn’t allow him to select Sigma. The player who got into the dispute with Bumper, posting under the handle Excavy, opened up on the incident on Reddit.

According to the post, Bumper entered a competitive match with five other random players. “Bumper says in team chat, ‘give me sigma.’ I jokingly say back ‘give me a kiss.’ He doesn’t respond until the match is about to begin and just says ‘give me sigma’ again,” Excavy recalls in the post.

Excavy said that he was planning on surrendering Sigma to Bumper, but changed his mind because Bumper immediately started jumping off the map with Winston when the round began. From the video posted by Excavy, Bumper can be seen flying off of the map several times before switching to Reinhardt and recklessly charging into the enemy team. He also changed to Roadhog and began shooting at a palm tree, only taking the time to hook and kill an enemy when they get close to him.

Some Redditors viewed the footage and accused Excavy of lying about his intentions to change characters. “You were willing to switch after the doors opened? Lol that seems like you weren’t intending to switch at all. And you sent “give me a kiss in chat” to a stranger?” one Reddit user responded.

Sigma is the newest hero to hit Overwatch, arriving in patch 1.39. He is being categorized as a main tank for his ability to push forward quickly with his easily moveable shield. This makes him a potential option for Bumper, who is best known for his Reinhardt.

The Vancouver Titans have been a force throughout their inaugural season. They currently sit in first place in the overall standings with a 24-2 record, three games ahead of the New York Excelsior.


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