Overwatch League reveals new jerseys for 2020 season in hilarious way

By Morten Marstal


Jan 18, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Fans in the North American region were getting ready for bed when a number of Overwatch League team accounts threw them into a tizzy with one single word. Coo.

The Guangzhou Charge started it off when their profile picture changed to the silhouette of a bird, which was followed by a tweet that simply read “coo.” Before anyone could react, numerous other teams joined in by changing their avatars to a bird silhouette and responding with a “coo” of their own.

Speculation over what this meant ran rampant. Many in the coo-mmunity were predicting a return of Brandon “Seagull” Larned to the stream team, but that was clearly a reach given the fact that seagulls don’t have a coo for a call. Fans were left guessing the entire night as to what it all meant while others joined in on the action.

It wasn’t until the next morning that an explanation came, with the Overwatch League announcing a partnership with menswear manufacturer Staple Pigeon on the production of OWL jerseys for the 2020 season.

It is unclear whether the partnership with Staple Pigeon will result in some diversity for Overwatch League jerseys. The first two seasons saw teams with the same design for their jerseys, with the only changes being color and logo swaps.

The early outlook suggests the OWL will retain this approach, as teams’ logos are seen in cutouts on each side of the jersey and on the shoulder. The shirts maintain the primary color of each team, while the organization’s name is sprawled across the chest on a strip of the secondary color. The back of the jersey features the team name across the bottom.

Overwatch League fans are hoping the collaboration with Staple Pigeon goes better than the previous apparel deal with Fanatics. While Fanatics is a popular sports manufacturer, the company was involved in multiple controversies involving poorly made jerseys, numbers that couldn’t be discerned from the rest of the shirt, typos on the clothing, and bad customer service.

These jerseys will be used as the new official home and away jerseys for the teams. They will be available to fans for pre-order on January 28 through the OWL website.