Overwatch League All-Stars dates, events, and players revealed

Morten Marstal • September 19, 06:24

The players, special matches, and Talent Takedown teams for the 2020 Overwatch League All-Stars event have been revealed and it promises two exciting weekends of action.

All-Stars players were nominated by the fans and there are two separate weekends for each region this year. The top players in the Asia and North America region were chosen to represent their division. All-Stars Asia will take place Saturday September 26, and North America on Saturday, October 3. The teams have now officially been selected

OWL All-Stars event has a lot to look forward to for fans

In both regions, the matches have a cash prize for the winners of each match. The All-Stars game winner, Widowmaker 1v1 winner, and the Widowmaker 1v1 runner-up will all take home cash prizes in both regions. Three additional challenges will take place in the Asia region only, and those are the Genji Skill Challenge, the Ana Skill Challenge, and the Who is Meta? Matches. A breakdown of players and a description of each event can be found on the OWL website

Also returning this year is the Talent Takedown, which pits members of the broadcast talent team against each other. In Asia, the two teams are split by region. China talent and South Korea talent will have a two-map match. At the beginning of each map, one team will have a game-altering buff added to the gameplay. 

In North America, a best-of-three will have a different twist on each map, requiring certain characters to be chosen for each team. The teams were chosen by Jacob “JAKE” Lyon and Scott “Custa” Kennedy, in a draft on stream. 

All-Stars division skins return in 2020

Traditionally, each All-Stars event sees skins released representing each division. This year, the skins were given to Reinhardt and D.Va. They can be obtained by earning League Tokens, which are gained by watching matches on the OWL website. 

Five tokens are awarded per hour, and the time is cumulative. Fans must ensure they are logged into their Blizzard account in order to receive the credits in-game. 

The 2020 OWL All-Stars event will take place from October 8 to 10.


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