Overwatch Halloween Terror skins revealed, dates announced

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Halloween is one of the most anticipated days in Overwatch, with holiday traditionally delivering spooky new skins and the Junkenstein’s Revenge game mode. 

While the full list of festivities hasn’t been announced yet, some skins were released in a trailer on Twitter. New skins will be added to the game and it seems that Echo, Sombra, and Brigitte will all be receiving new looks. There are also three new legendary skins for tank heroes D.Va, Winston, and Sigma.

D.Va has a pale, tattered look with snow fox ears and ghostly tails, Winston is rocking a werewolf look, and Sigma resembles Davy Jones, complete with green glowing skin and a captain’s hat. So far, fans haven’t been able to stop talking about the voodoo doll Echo skin. 

Brigitte and Sombra have received zombie-like makeovers, but fans are most talking about the voodoo doll Echo, who has a soft-textured skin with patches and stitches all over her, and a stitched-on heart. 

Overwatch’s 2020 Halloween event will run from October 13 to November 3.

Skins from the 2019 Halloween event will be available for purchase at a lower price, while the new skins will be available in loot boxes and for purchase at a higher price. 

Junkenstein’s Revenge returns to Overwatch in 2020

Returning to the Halloween event is Junkenstein’s Revenge, a PvE game mode where four players are faced with an onslaught of zombie omnics and evil bosses that are trying to gain entryway into a castle. In previous years, players have been able to play the original mode which included a small selection of heroes. 

In the past few years developers have also added a free-for-all mode where all of the characters are available for selection. Also added was Endless mode, where players can take on up to 15 waves of zombies.

There is no word of a new Halloween map. Fans have been clamoring for new or reimagined seasonal game modes for a long while now, with Junkenstein’s Revenge in particular being brushed off by many Overwatch fans. Alas, these are unlikely to be conceived until the launch of Overwatch 2.


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