Overwatch fan wants Overwatch 2 denier to “keep promise” after bet

By Olivia Richman


Nov 26, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

Overwatch 2 has been a rumor for a while, but it was only officially announced at BlizzCon 2019 earlier this month. 

Still, that didn’t stop many fans from making predictions. One Reddit user, icekeuter, believed that Overwatch 2 would even be announced as early as last year’s BlizzCon. Now, he’s looking for the Reddit user that was so confident Overwatch 2 would never happen that he not only shut down icekeuter’s prediction, but made a bet out of it. 

A year ago, icekeuter stated that there was “rumors” that Overwatch 2 would be presented at BlizzCon. His biggest hope was that the second game would “fix all the problems” the current title had, including “cancer heroes.” 

A confident, and quite forward, fellow Overwatch fan responded: “Overwatch 2? Really dude?” 

The Redditor said that icekeuter shouldn’t “get his hopes up” since the Overwatch community seemed to believe Overwatch 2 was coming “litearlly any time cloudy news about Overwatch comes out.” 

To this, icekeuter simply stated, “We will see.” 

“No, we won’t,” said the anonymous Reddit user. “There’s zero reason for Blizzard to do so. If you end up being correc,t I’ll eat a cow dick, not even kidding.” 

Icekeuter appeared excited by the prospect and said “deal.” 

Now, one year later, icekeuter shared this screenshot on Reddit in hopes of finding the guy and having him keep up his end of the deal. He explained that the naysayer had “deleted his comments in the meantime,” but icekeuter was so confident Overwatch 2 was coming that he had screenshotted the conversation a year ago. 

The thread got over 14.8K upvotes and nearly 800 comments. It was a case many Redditors jumped on immediately, hoping to “peer pressure” the guy into “eating dick.” Someone even found dog treats made out of dried bull penis, just in case. 

“I like to think the Overwatch team originally wasn’t going to make OW2 but then saw this post and was so motivated to see a man eat a cow dick that they made everything in the span of a year,” one Reddit user said. “Probably EXACTLY what happened.”

As the thread continued to pick up steam, a Redditor came forward and claimed that the person who deleted their comments was actually himself. He called himself Nate from Blizzard Guides, a YouTube channel with 152,000 subscribers that creates Overwatch guides. 

“Holy crap…. That’s me, guys,” he said, providing proof that he was, indeed, Nate. Then he claimed he was going to “follow up” on the dare on his own channel by the end of the week. 

While there was no doubt the Reddit user was Nate from Blizzard Guides, there was still no proof that he had been the one to post the since-deleted comments. Still, many were excited by the prospect of Nate taking a break from Twitch clip compilations and tricks to possibly eat bull penis on camera. Even if it’s just a publicity stunt for his channel. 

“I am not sure I believe this, but I really want it to be true,” one person replied. 

Only time will tell if Nate sticks to his promise. Until then, Reddit will continue to debate whether a bull is considered a cow, or if OP was “bamboozled” since a female cow obviously doesn’t have a penis. 


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