Overwatch Archives event is live, introduces new epic skins

By Olivia Richman


Apr 7, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Overwatch’s Archives event is back and it’s bringing an abundance of new skins. 

The Archives event will run from April 6 to April 27. Throughout this time, Overwatch players will have the chance to collect eight new skins and cosmetics. While the skins have received positive feedback from fans, players are still frustrated with the lack of other new content in the event. In the past, players enjoyed PvE Archives missions that gave insight into Overwatch’s extensive lore. But because of Overwatch 2’s ongoing development, players will only have past missions to play through once again. 

How to get Overwatch Archives challenge stars

Each Overwatch event features three weekly challenges. Each of these challenges rewards players with an Epic skin when they get nine Overwatch wins. This year is getting a new element. There is now a star reward system, where players can earn in-game stars when they participate in Archives missions. 

Players don’t have to complete or beat the mission to earn stars. Instead, it’s all about participation. Players who take on tougher missions or play on expert difficulty will be rewarded with additional bonus stars.

If players earn 10 stars, they can unlock a player icon. With 20 stars, they can unlock an exclusive spray. 30 stars will allow players to unlock each week’s Epic skin. 

Archives: Week One

Corredor Lucio Overwatch Archives

During the first week of Archives, Uprising will be the highlighted mission. This means players will be rewarded with double credit if they take on this mission. There will also be challenges like “Molten Core,” where enemies drop lava upon their death. This increases the difficulty, but also ups the rewards. Earning 30 stars in the first week will unlock Corredor Lucio. 

Archives: Week Two

Subaquatic Zenyatta overwatch Archives

This week’s mission worth double the stars is Retribution. This week’s challenge is “Sympathy Pains,” which ups the difficulty by healing enemies when a nearby enemy is damaged. Players who get 30 stars the second week of Archives will unlock Subaquatic Zenyatta. 

Archives: Week Three

Camo Mercy Overwatch Archives

Storm Rising will be worth double the stars in the third week. The challenge will be “Thunderstorm,” which gives enemies electric power that damages nearby players. Players who get 30 stars this final week will unlock Camouflage Mercy.