OverFighter becomes most popular mode in Overwatch workshop

By Olivia Richman


Jun 28, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Overwatch fans have seen their favorite heroes play card games, race through maps, and even compete in a Smash Bros styled brawl. Now there’s a new popular workshop game mode called OverFighter. 

Similar to Tekken or Pokken Tournament, OverFighter is a fighting game set on a three-dimensional arena. The one-on-one battles are a best-of-three that have select fighters duking it out like an old-school arcade game. Players can even do finishing moves, much like in Morta Kombat. 

The playable heroes in OverFighter currently include Doomfist, Genji, Winston, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn. Winston seems espcially effective in this Workshop game mode, thanks to his ability to shove other players off the edge quite easily. 

Created by a user named Darwin, the mode can be accessed using the code Z5XK2. 

While developer Keith Miron has revealed that this is currently the most popular Overwatch Workshop game mode in the world, no exact numbers have been revealed. UNO is still on the list, coming in at number eight. OverFighter also beat out popular modes like Super Smash Bros. and Genji Heaven, whatever that is. 

In the same announcement, Blizzard stated that 152,000 players have collectively created over 290,000 Workshop codes. Over 4.6 million players have checked out these game modes in total since the company released the workshop to the Public Test Realm in April. 

Blizzard released Hero Gauntlet to arcade mode soon after, heavily inspired by a Counter-Strike Deathmatch workshop mode. The eight participants all start off as McCree, and they automatically change into the next hero on the pre-determined list once they kill an opponent. The game is won when someone has played as every hero after successfully eliminating an enemy with Torbjorn’s hammer. 

The game developer has yet to mention if any other popular workshop game modes will be officially recreated and added to arcade mode. But OverFighter is a mode many fans are already rooting for.