Overwatch adds the new Hero Gauntlet to Arcade mode on PTR

By Olivia Richman


Apr 29, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Custom Workshop creations by Overwatch players might just become Arcade staples. 

Blizzard recently added a new game mode to the Arcade in Public Test Region, called Hero Gauntlet. Similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Arms Race game mode, Hero Gauntlet will have each player start with the same hero, McCree. Once they’ve secured a kill, they’ll move to the next hero in a pre-determined order. To win, a player must have played all 30 heroes. The last hero is Torbjorn, and players can only use his hammer to win the match. This is similar to Arms Race’s final weapon in CS:GO, the knife. 

This new Arcade game is identical to one created by a fan in the game’s new Workshop mode. Workshop allows players to create new match concepts by tweaking game mechanics and using basic development tools. Game director Jeff Kaplan noted in his developer update that this new feature requires a bit of technical knowledge, including an understanding of scripts. 

While Hero Gauntlet’s similarities to the fan-made Workshop game are uncanny, it’s possible that it could be a coincidence. But this could also point to the possible future addition of other original player creations to the game’s official Arcade mode. 

Even though it’s only been a few days, gamers have already been rolling out an incredible number of creative game modes. One game features a Wrecking Ball race, which requires players to roll throughout Numbani to reach the finish line first. Other games are inspired by such popular games as Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto 5. 

One fan-favorite is a Super Smash Bros. mashup. In this game mode, opponents experience more knockback as their damage taken increases. Each player’s damage is visible above their hero’s head. Once a hero is at a high enough damage percentage, being hit again will knock them right off the map, similar to a KO in Smash.