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Only six fans have perfect Pick’em scores for Worlds 2021

By Olivia Richman


Oct 24, 2021

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The League of Legends 2021 World Championship has been a wild ride already.

Every year, viewers can take part in the Pick’ems, a fantasy league of sorts hosted by Riot Games. At each stage of the tournament, participants select the teams that they feel will win, predicting the outcome of the entire tournament. Predicting correctly brings in-game prizes and bragging rights. It’s a way to make watching Worlds both interactive and competitive.

“You can compare your score to anyone on your Riot friends list by heading to the Pick’em Leaderboards,” developer Riot Games said. “You can also try to climb through the ranked leaderboard by earning points, starting in the Poro Division and advancing all the way to the Baron Division!”

Over six million people have participated in this year’s Pick’ems, but only six fans have perfect predictions at this point. That’s one for every million predictions made.

A week ago only a few thousand players were in the Baron Division, but it has dramatically dropped these past few days thanks to some shocking results. Elder Dragon, the rank below, currently has 24 participants. Almost 9,000 sit at Blue Sentinel. The majority of fans couldn’t seem to predict the majority of the wild ride at Worlds, with 4 million at the Crimson Reaper rank.

What happens if you have perfect Pick’ems at Worlds?

If anyone guesses every single match correctly through the 2021 World Championship Finals, they will get every ultimate skin in the game. This includes skins for Lux, Miss Fortune, Sona, Ezreal, Udry, and Seraphine.

Players who didn’t have a perfect score will still get icons based on the points they earned throughout the Worlds journey. The event ends November 6, meaning there’s still time to get more points as the action continues.

Perfect Pick’ems highlight importance of upsets in Fandex

With only six perfect Pick’ems remaining, there’s proof of just how different from expectations an international tournament can go. With unexpected failures such as FunPlux Phoenix’s dramatic descent from power in the group of death, or 100 Thieves and T1 producing some surprising results, every game counts.

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Those with perfect Pick’ems could have made serious gains on Fandex through their belief in Cloud9, whose share price has nearly tripled over the course of Worlds. Cloud9’s turnaround in week 2 saw its price soar all the way to $27.3, now the highest priced share on Fandex.

Meanwhile, not wasting time on losing teams like FunPlus Phoenix saves resources to look for other opportunities. Savvy esports fans can change their priorities part way through a week with Fandex, rather than being locked into Pick’ems. This has the advantage of still providing play throughout Worlds rather than just before each stage.

Fandex continues to run for Worlds 2021 into playoffs.


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