NYXL defeat Boston Uprising for Sate 3 title

By Rebekah Drake


Jul 11, 2018

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The New York Excelsior have emerged as the winners of the Stage 3 title match over fellow finalists Boston Uprising.

The Uprising had just come off of a huge 3-0 victory against the Los Angeles Gladiators, but the resulting momentum wasn’t enough to power the team past the Excelsior in the $100,000 title match.

The Uprising’s offense stalled early in the match as New York was relentless in their push across Route 66. Boston tried to rebound on Nepal Sanctum and looked to have the needed control point capture within their reach. Boston’s Lucas “Note” Meissner played an effective D.Va in absorbing a clutch enemy graviton, but it wasn’t enough to secure his team the win. New York’s oppressive dive composition was overwhelming through both rounds.

Volskaya was the setting for the third map, which ultimately ended in a draw. Boston looked to assert themselves on the final control point as they needed to get at least one point to keep the series alive. But New York’s defense clamped down behind Hae-seong “Libero” Kim’s Genji, who wiped out most of the Boston Uprising players to end the game.

Numbani was the final map, which Boston had to win in order to push the series to a fifth game. New York looked to get off to a quick start as the attackers, but the Uprising was able to force overtime before capitulating. Boston, determined to rebound on their own attack, fell short due to the efforts of New York DPS star Jong-ryeol “Saebyeolbe” Park on Tracer.

Boston Uprising had not lost a single match throughout Stage 3, even defeating NYXL early in the stage. The finals proved to be a different story, with New York taking the win and the trophy.


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