Ninja Twitch stress

Ninja blames his toxic chat for streaming less on Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Aug 18, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been noticeably spending less time streaming and fans are wondering why. Ninja has decided to open up about why.

Ninja is undeniably one of the most popular streamers of all time. He rose to fame years ago for his Fortnite streams, including his record-breaking broadcast with rapper Drake. Even after leaving Twitch, Ninja has come back to the platform to 17 million followers. While Ninja has definitely had a successful career full of movie cameos and sponsorships, there’s a downside to fame that Ninja recently opened up about in a YouTube video.

In a couples Q&A, the streamer explained to his wife that a lot of things he says are taken out of context by viewers and ultimately used against him. This is why Ninja has decided to avoid streaming.

“The reason I’m not streaming as much as I normally do right now, is because every time I stream, I feel like I’m getting a bunch of donations and questions and people in the chat trying to get me to say something. And then it ends up being twisted and it blows up in my face,” Ninja explained.

The streaming superstar seemed frustrated by the topic, saying that people attempt to “clickbait” him and make him look bad. Because of this, he feels he can’t be as authentic with his fans and has to respond to things in a non-serious way to avoid his comments being intentionally taken out of context.

Ninja’s wife, Jessica Blevins, agreed with his analysis. She said that things her husband says on Twitch often get “twisted” and his words are over-analyzed.

Ninja has been frustrated by his chat in the past. He took a break in 2019 for his mental health, sick of the trolls he runs into while streaming for eight-plus hours every day. He was also feeling an immense amount of pressure to keep streaming. In fact, Ninja lost 90% of his subscribers during that break, proving why streamers feel the need to continuously live stream.


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