Nexus Blitz returns to League of Legends with PROJECT: Bastion

Christian Vejvad • May 11, 21:19

One of the most intense featured game modes in League of Legends will be back when Nexus Blitz returns during the upcoming PROJECT: Bastion event. 

With the reveal of six new PROJECT skins, Riot is ready to unleash a new in-game event centered around the PROJECT lore. The event goes under the name PROJECT: Bastion and will run from May 27 to June 28. The four-week event will include an event pass and several in-game missions to complete. As the featured game mode, Riot will bring back Nexus Blitz for players to enjoy and flex the new skins. 

Nexus Blitz is likely where most eyes will be during the event, as the game mode hasn’t been available for quite a while. The last time players got to enjoy the action-packed mode was in 2020 during the big Spirit Blossom event. That Spirit Blossom event rekindled Nexus Blitz with a map makeover, leaving fans hungry for the game mode after it went out of rotation. 

What is Nexus Blitz in League of Legends? 

When Nexus Blitz returns, it’s potentially returning with updates to it in the form of new in-game events. The game mode is famous for its randomly generated mini-games that can change the pace of the game completely. These mini-games take place roughly every three minutes and provide special buffs for the team that comes out ahead. Buffs like the Blessing of Blitzcrank, Poro King, and the Battle Sled are the key to victory in Nexus Blitz and guarantee a lot of fun fights. 

A game of Nexus Blitz isn’t expected to take more than 20 minutes, giving players a chance to more easily grind the game mode and try out several different champions. The map itself is fairly small to make sure that both teams will clash as often as possible. 

If the game goes long enough, it will be determined in sudden death. In this event, both Nexus will turn into a living golem and walk down the mid lane. The team that kills the enemy Nexus golem first wins the game. 

The start of PROJECT: Bastion and the return of Nexus Blitz will be on Thursday, May 27. 


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