Nexus Blitz returns to League, new tooltip plans explained

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 17, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

According to League of Legends game director Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon, Nexus Blitz is set to go live in patch 10.15. 

League fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of the limited-time game mode and now it finally seems to be the time for its return. The game mode will be live during the Spirit Blossom event and will be available for play over the course of two patches, Meddler said in a recent dev post.

Not only will players be able to duke it out in Nexus Blitz again soon, but the game mode is also expected to return during future events and will be adjusted based on community feedback.

We’ll continue to work on Nexus Blitz over time, so would love your feedback on it to help with that,Meddler said. 

Nexus Blitz will return with a completely new map theme, inspired by the Spirit Blossom event. Riot has also added some updates to the in-game events, such as a “DPS Check event” where the objective is to out-damage the enemy team on a Teemo dummy. There will also be a lot of other recognizable events that were available during previous Nexus Blitz events. 

The Spirit Blossom event will also bring with it two new champions: forest dweller Lillia and the heavily teased swordsman Yone

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Riot looks to roll out tooltip updates 

In the recent dev post, Meddler also addressed the highly anticipated tooltip updates that will make important in-game information including ability descriptions much easier for players to see and understand during play. The goal is to “cater to two different audiences.” The first being those who want to understand broad functionality quickly, and the second being those who want all of the details in full. 

The new tooltip features won’t all arrive in one patch, but are expected to be introduced over several patches. This way, Riot ensures that the updates are integrated smoothly into the game.

Lillia is said to be the first champion to use the new tooltip format, after which Riot will be rolling out updates regularly to older champions. 


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