Riot wants to finally nerf Aphelios out of play in patch 10.15

By Kenneth Williams


Jul 15, 2020

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Aphelios is set to receive a big nerf on his Crescendum and Infernum guns in patch 10.15. 

Lead gameplay designer for League of Legends Mark “Scuffy” Yetter released a patch 10.15 preview showing big nerfs to Aphelios. 

Aphelios takes the spotlight in the latest patch preview. The highly contested champion will receive several nerfs to decrease his damage output. 

  • Q – Crescendum turrets activation delay 0.25 > 0.35 seconds
  • Q – Crescendo turret range 575 > 500

First and foremost, Riot will be adjusting the activation delay and range on Crescendum turrets. This means that enemies will now have more time to react on the turrets, either by getting out of range or killing them before they activate. 

  • Q – Infernum, crit cone missiles 8 > 5
  • Q – Infernum, hurricane cone length reduced by 100 units
  • Q – Infernum, hurricane bolts no longer damage enemies they pass through

The nerfs to Crescendo turrets don’t seem to be enough on their own to tone down the strength of Aphelios. Riot is also looking to nerf his Infernum gun with the use of Runaan’s Hurricane, which is known to do heavy AoE damage in the late game. The gun will now have a reduced range and fewer crit hurricane cone missiles.

Buffs for both Gragas and Caitlyn in patch 10.15

Several champions will be receiving some needed buffs in patch 10.15, Gragas and Caitlyn being two of them. 

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  • W – Drunken Rage, Damage Ratio 50 > 60% Ability Power
  • R –  Explosive Cask, Damage Ratio 70 > 80% Ability Power

Gragas has been a contested pick in both professional play and solo queue for a long period of time, but has been seeing a decrease in popularity over recent months. Riot is looking to buff his ratios to make him a more viable option in the jungle, or even in mid.  


  • Base Attack Damage 62 > 65
  • Base Movement Speed 325 > 330

The marksman role has been dominated by newer champions such as Aphelios, Senna, and Kai’Sa for some time, while Caitlyn has been left out of the party. This might change now.

In patch 10.15, Caitlyn is set to get a boost to her base stats, making her stronger in the early game as the lane bully that she is meant to be. 


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