New Valorant skin bundles Minima and Tethered Realms revealed

By Fariha Bhatti


May 11, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Valorant has new skins coming soon if you’re already feeling bored with Silvanus and Forsaken. 

It’s not a Valorant patch update without a new skin bundle. Patch 2.09 is here, and apart from significant game tweaks, it delivers two new skin bundles. Minima and Tethered Realms are reported to be the latest weapon cosmetics coming to the Valorant store. 

Riot Games has added dozens of visually pleasant and fierce skins to the game. While Valorant skins can be a bit rough on the wallet, they are arguably worth the money, which is why players are quick to jump on fresh designs. Previously, the developer has introduced heavily embellished skins like Sovereign, Forsaken, Reaver, and others. But it seems to be trying out a new style with Minima. 

Jett black skins appear to have a matte body and look quite like the default Valorant weapons. The sleek skins received a mixed reaction from the fans who weren’t expecting a refurbished default weapon to be the next bundle.

The Minima bundle will include skins for: 

  • Minima Phantom
  • Minima Spectre
  • Minima Sheriff
  • Minima Operator
  • Minima Ares

The matte black bundle will be ideal for Valorant players who aren’t fans of distracting animations and bright colors. The muted body of Minima is something that players have never seen in Valorant. 

While Minima didn’t quite hit the mark for fans, players seem to love the sword-styled melee in Tethered Realms bundle. The second bundle looks like the previously released Forsaken, but the glassy body sets it apart from the gloomy skins. The clear Tethered Realms skins are reminiscent of Winter Wunderland, Silvanus, and Horizon skins, with unique textures flowing inside the weapon’s clear body. 

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However, it’s not the clear skin that is the highlight of Tethered Realms. The new bundle features a melee that will have two knives. The sword comes with a green dagger, much like the Forsaken melee knife. Both the blades change color with the environment like the rest of the skins. The scenery inside the skins changes from bright shades of Sovereign bundle to the dark undertones of Forsaken skin. 

Tethered Realms bundle comes for: 

  • Ghost
  • Guardian
  • Vandal
  • Operator
  • Melee Sword

The developer hasn’t revealed the release date for both bundles, but one of them should be available to shop on the store after the patch 2.09 update. 



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