New Valorant Recon skin line features amazing butterfly knife

Fariha Bhatti • August 24, 2021 1:02 pm

Valorant patch 3.04 has arrived with a brand new skin bundle that has fans of Counter-Strike intrigued. 

Riot Games has been caught in a catch-22 recently, with fans criticizing the publisher for both releasing too many skins and for not releasing them frequently enough. After two weeks without a new skin bundle, the Recon collection has been unveiled and it’s easy to see why Riot took its time. 

The developer recently readjusted the patch schedule, which pushed back the new skin bundle that fans were eagerly waiting for. After Sentinels of Lights’ bombshell release, Riot Games’ cosmetics department went quiet and paused the skin line’s release. To make up for the delay, the developer reused the Sakura bundle, which was far from the premium collection fans were anticipating. 

New patch 3.04 is finally here and it has added the Recon skin line. Unlike most flashy Valorant skins, the Recon skins are much realistic and have a battle-scarred touch to them. Recon looks quite similar to the Infantry collection that appealed to players who like to keep their inventory coated in dull tones. 

The skin bundle isn’t only perfectly minimal, but it features a unique melee that players have long been asking for. The Recon bundle includes a butterfly-style knife that has been in the pipeline for some time. 

“Recon naturally was one of the more highly anticipated skins we were developing due to the fact that it has a butterfly knife,” Sean Marino, art lead on the Recon Bundle, said in a statement. “We spent a lot of time looking at videos of butterfly knife tricks, seeing how other games have implemented them and really just dug deep into delivering on an awesome experience,” 

What’s the price of new Recon bundle?

The Recon bundle falls into the premium category, which means it has upgradeable animations. The collection comes at the price of 7,100 Valorant points, with each weapon costing 1,775 VP. 

Here are all the weapons the Recon bundle has: 

  • Recon Ghost
  • Recon Guardian
  • Recon Phantom
  • Recon Spectre
  • Recon Balisong

The Recon butterfly knife will have the same variants as the weapons have. The melee will also include a second level with a custom animation. The three variants include red camouflage, blue camouflage, and green camouflage. 

Valorant Recon bundle release date 

Recon bundle will hit the Valorant market on August 24 alongside patch 3.04. There is also a bonus running right now for purchases as well.


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