New VALORANT GO! bundle brings Yoru’s comb-style butterfly knife

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 21, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The latest Valorant bundle finally brings the iconic Yoru knife to the game, first spotted in Episode 2 reveal. 

Riot Games recently delivered a store-breaking bundle featuring a butterfly knife in Recon, which received a mixed reaction from the fans. Some called the skins too plain for Valorant and it seems the developer has taken feedback into consideration. 

Recent leaks reveal an upbeat version of the Recon butterfly knife with signature Yoru colors and a smoother inspect element. 

The skin bundle is a sequel to the classic VALORANT GO! line, a plain but iconic collection. However, this overhauled bundle features an over-the-top comb-style knife that Yoru introduced in Episode 2 reveal. The feisty duelist was spotted combing his hair with the same stylish knife he used to swing at enemies. Since then, players have waited for Riot Games to drop a butterfly-style melee. 

While Recon Balisong managed to break the store, it was equally criticized by players who have used Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s deadly butterfly knives. The melee was too simple and the inspect animation appeared to run too fast. However, the developer has made up for the Recon knife in this new Valorant GO! bundle. 

As compared to Balisong, the comb butterfly’s inspect element seems much smoother and less clunky. The new knife is also more in line with Valorant’s upbeat, bright theme than the dull Balisong. The GO Vol. 2 versions will undoubtedly be worth waiting for those who saved up their creds when Recon was delivered. 

The collection will also include skins for: 

  • Operator
  • Vandal
  • Classic 
  • Ares
  • And butterfly melee

The rest of the skins might not sell as much as previous skin bundles. This particular skin set falls into the more minimal category of Valorant as it doesn’t have lavish animations, smooth sound effects, and finishers. 

The release date for the bundle hasn’t been released yet. But it seems like the skin collection is all set for the market, so players should expect it to enter the store soon. 

How much does the VALORANT GO! Vol. 2 skin bundle cost?

The price of the skin line is still unknown, but it will likely be more expensive than the Recon bundle due to the comb-style melee. According to ValorLeaks, the bundle will come for 8700 Valorant points.