New Valorant bug allows Cypher to stick his camera on Skye’s Flash

By Fariha Bhatti


May 26, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Agent ability combinations in Valorant are nothing new but this Skye and Cypher combo will blow your mind. 

Valorant is a unique shooter game that relies on team coordination a bit more than other games. Each player is provided with a different ability that may come in handy for the team when required. Sometimes, pairing two powers together can turn the game around. For example, slowing down enemies with Sage’s Orb and damaging health with Viper’s poison.

However, some combinations are plainly game-breaking, like this one found by xICometz

Cypher Valorant trick

Cypher and Skye combo is powerful Valorant trick 

A way to attach Sova’s Bolt to Skye’s Seekers was discovered quite recently. It turns out her flashes can also carry Cypher’s camera. A Valorant player uploaded a bizarre clip, where Cypher’s Spy Cam attached itself to Skye’s flash bird. The game-breaking tactic looks more like a bug but can be extremely powerful in competitive matches. 

In xICometz’ video, the player threw his Cypher’s camera to attach it to Skye’s bird. The flash blindsided the enemy and disappeared in the air, but the camera hung in the air. This is a unique mechanic since Cypher’s utility requires a solid surface to be activated, which is why this likely is a bug. 

Players can replicate the combination in the game but this tactic is extremely tricky to pull off. First of all, you need to spend hours in the practice server to perfectly time your camera with the bird. Then attaching on the slim body is near impossible. Still, the tactic is doable with tons of practice, and it would certainly pay off well in ranked games. 

As overpowered as this new find is, this is probably a glitch in Cypher’s kit. There have been many issues and ridiculous Cypher combinations that were later patched by the developer. Previously, players discovered that Cypher could plant his camera through Sage’s wall and even break it using the device. The game-breaking bug was quickly fixed by Riot Games. 

Is Cypher a bad agent on Breeze?

Many Valorant professional players, including FPS expert Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, believe that Cypher is one of the worst picks on Breeze. The Sentinel has a highly tactical kit, but it’s only effective on smaller maps. Breeze is an extensive map, which reduces Cypher’s ability to cover more area. To watch flanks on Breeze, you need a proper agent like Sage to stand on the backlines. Tripwires and Turrets may fail to do the job effectively.


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