New Street Fighter 6 open beta announced for this month

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Street Fighter 6 fans have been begging for an open beta, and it looks like Capcom will finally deliver.

The full release of Street Fighter 6 is less than a month away, but the developer behind the original fighting game franchise is giving fans one last sneak peek before it launches. Capcom has announced a short open beta to help build hype for the release, and it’s available for everyone to join.

Here’s information on the dates and content as well as how to join in on the fun for free.

When is the Street Fighter 6 open beta?

The beta test was announced on May 8, 2023 through Capcom’s official social media channels. The special event will run from May 19 to 21 and will feature all of the content featured in the previous closed beta test.

It specifies that there will be eight characters to pick from, including Ryu, Luke, Chun Li, Jamie, and a new addition in Kimberly. The demo will also feature brand the new game mode Extreme Battle, which appears to add random events in matches to help spice up the action.

Street Fighter 6 extreme battle featured in open beta test

How to sign up for the Street Fighter 6 open beta

Based on previous beta tests, signing up for the beta will not be necessary. Simply navigate to the Street Fighter 6 store page on the platform of your choice and begin the download. The game should have a hefty filesize, but the limited character roster and online game modes will make it easier to store than the full release.

The final beta for Street Fighter 6 will be open to all platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. It’s limited to the newest generation of both consoles and only Steam for computer-based fighting gamers. While it doesn’t feature the full roster or set of online features, joining the open beta is the best way to learn the system mechanics and grind out some combos before Street Fighter 8 officially comes out on July 2, 2023.