Street Fighter 6 open beta leaked for this month

By Kenneth Williams


Apr 12, 2023

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Street Fighter 6 fans were sad to see the closed beta end late last year, but a new open beta may be starting even sooner than fans expect.

With tons of characters and a $2 million prize pool announced in the past few months, Capcom isn’t slowing down on the Street Fighter 6 hype train. However, fans haven’t gotten a chance to test out the title since the last closed beta test in December of 2022.

After four more months of character reveals and polish, it seems like the Japanese developer is opening the floodgates on the 2D fighter with an open beta test p[ossibly scheduled for this month.

The leak comes from Japanese entertainer and Capcom insider Eiko Kano, who hinted at an upcoming trial of the game on his personal stream. While playing Dead by Daylight, Kano responded to a chatter by mentioning that Capcom was planning a “trial” for the game later this month. American FGC personality Ryan Harvey provided an unofficial translation through social media.

It’s worth noting that the phrasing Eiko Kano used didn’t explicitly confirm an open beta for Street Fighter 6. Trial, in this case, could refer to a public gameplay demo or more footage of developer matches. However, Street Fighter 6 has been inaccessible to most players since the beta late last year, and the massive amount of new characters and content definitely warrants an extra round of testing.

If Kano’s slip up really does mean an open beta, expect news from Capcom before the end of April 2023.

What will be in the next Street Fighter 6 open beta?

Based on multiple big character reveals, an open beta for Street Fighter 6 would probably include a much bigger roster.

Since the end of the closed beta in 2022, Capcom has shown off several new characters, including Blanka, Dee Jay, Marisa, Manon, Dhalsim, Lily, Cammy, Zangief, and more. Many of them were not available in previous tests, so a future open beta is likely to include at least a few of them.

Street Fighter 6 Dee Jay

Capcom may also choose to test out some mechanical changes, such as adjustments to the drive system. There are also other forms of content that players have yet to try, such as the volleyball mode shown off in the reveal trailer. Expect the veteran fighting game developer to reveal details closer to the open beta, if one is truly planned for later this month.


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