New Silvanus skin bundle adds unique looks for Vandal, Phantom

By Fariha Bhatti


Apr 15, 2021

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Prepare your wallets! New Valorant skins are dropping soon. 

Riot Games has actively been delivering rip-roaring skins for Valorant weapons, but this new addition is in a league of its own. The serene yet spooky skin bundle has a novel theme that was earlier spotted in Winter Wunderland, released in Christmas holiday patch. 

The new skin bundle dubbed “Silvanus” will likely arrive before the upcoming map Breeze, currently being teased around Valorant’s existing locations. The bundle doesn’t exactly resonate with the map’s summer beach theme, instead hearkening to a haunted house.

The bundle looks quite similar to Winter Wunderland, Nebula, and Horizon skin line that featured a glass-like exterior, reflecting scenic images. Silvanus has a mysterious forest vibe plastered on the body with bluish nighttime hues flowing like water on top of forest art. While most players favor extravagant skin designs like Glitchpop or Elderflame, these glassy skins are equally appreciated by fans of minimalist weapon cosmetics. 

New Valorant skins have a spooky forest theme 

The developer has recently launched the Magepunk and Infantry skin bundle, but players wanted cosmetics for primary rifles like Vandal and Phantom. The Silvanus skin line will likely be a more popular skin bundle as it features skins for two of the most-used weapons in the game. 

Silvanus skins will be available for: 

  • Vandal
  • Phantom
  • Sheriff
  • Operator
  • Stinger

Since Silvanus doesn’t feature a skin for a knife or a melee, it will likely be released in the Deluxe tier, which should be good news for players. The Deluxe skin collections are easier on the pockets as players can get them for $49 worth of Valorant points. The entire bundle should be available in-store for the standard price of 4,750 Valorant points, which means one skin should cost 1,275 VP. Like Winter Wunderland, the skins may not be upgradeable or have fancy skin variants and animation upgrades. 

The skins will be available to buy for all Valorant players shortly after Magepunk rotates out. 

What’s the most expensive skin bundle in Valorant?

Valorant has stacks of skin, and their prices depend on the class or tier they are released in. Elderflame was unveiled as the first Ultra-edition skin and had a high price tag of $95, which translates to 9,900 Valorant points. The pricy bundle is undoubtedly worth the money for the fierce, dragon-like exterior, unique animations, and a fiery melee weapon.


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