Riot drops hints about new tropical map Breeze coming soon

Fariha Bhatti • April 14, 2021 7:55 pm

A new Valorant map has started showing its presence in the game, as posters of warm and summery scenery have appeared on existing maps. 

Riot Games’ tactical shooter is gradually maturing into a cut-throat competitive esport with the addition of new agents, locations, and more polished in-game features. However, the lack of map variation continues to bug both casual and competitive Valorant players. 

Leaks suggested that the developer is working on a new map dubbed “Breeze,” and easter eggs in current locations hint that these reports may be accurate. Tons of details about the upcoming map have already been slipped through the cracks. While players have enough intel to connect the dots and affirm the tropical theme, official teasers regarding Breeze hav elated fans. 

The developer likes to scatter clues around the game’s battle pass, maps, and skins prior to releasing a new agent or map. Earlier, Killjoy’s mini bot and text cyphers for Yoru were discovered by the players before the two agents spawned. This time, players have noticed the banners in Split and Bind being replaced with fresh scenery, earlier spotted in “Valorant agents of romance.” 

Hints of new map Breeze found on Split and Bind

Bind’s poster towards B long features a Caribbean beach poster with Explorer scribbled over it. The description also says “Visit Breeze,” a potential name for the upcoming Valorant map. A similar sign with palm trees and blue skies can be found on Split, which states Wander in bold letters. Players have also discovered relevant fliers plastered across the boards on Haven and Icebox, hinting at the new beach map. 

Leaks had revealed that the upcoming map would be set in Hawaii, the Caribbean, or even on a South Pacific location, and official hints seem to confirm those rumors. Earlier, agents of romance gave a peek inside a potential map that had similar palm trees and white sand at the forefront. So far, all the hints point towards a map with an exotic and tropical feel, something that Valorant’s current map pool lacks. 

The developer is surely gearing up to add some warmth in the field of Valorant left cold after Icebox’s release in Episode One: Act Three. The new map will likely release with Episode Two: Act Three beginning sometime between April 21-27. 


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