New Saints Row trailer shows off car customization, Saints HQ

Kenneth Williams • August 11, 2022 6:38 pm

A new trailer for Saints Row has revealed many core features that fans were hoping to see in the latest addition to the series.

As a final sneak peek before the August 23 release date, Deep Silver Volition has released one last gameplay trailer for the 2022 Saints Row reboot. The six minutes of footage shows off new versions of classic Saints Row features including car customization and the Saints HQ. It also formally introduces the three primary gangs that the Saints are up against.

One of the biggest reveals was a release of new images of the new Saints HQ. While previous games went with skyscrapers, the reboot is built around a vintage mansion covered in purple neon lighting. Saints HQ will serve as the central hub of the game after the gang grows out of its starting apartment. 

Saints Row 2022 Saints HQ

Saints Row reboot reveals car customization and gangs

Car customization has always been a part of Saints Row since the second game, and the 2022 reboot brings it back with aplomb.

Early Saints Row previews gave a taste of car customization, but the new trailer shows off just how diverse the options will be. Individual parts for every car can be adjusted with up to a dozen different options. Paint is also complex, allowing for all sorts of custom patterns.

Saints Row 2022 Car Customization

Cars will play the biggest role of the vehicles in the new Saints Row, but customization also seems to apply to helicopters and boats. There are also plenty of motorcycles to collect and steal on the streets. Saints HQ will also function as an extra machine shop for players to customize vehicles on the fly.

Saints Row fans already had a rough idea of the three primary gangs in Santo Ileso, but the trailer finally shows them in their natural habitat. Los Panteros are a smuggling gang themed around fast cars and strong muscles. Its leader Sergio is shown leaping from a helicopter, presumably to lay a smackdown on the Saints.

Saints Row 2022 The Idols Gangs

The Idols are less serious in tone, being a gang themed around technology and partying. Their higher-ups sport Daft Punk helmets with images reminiscent of Professor Genki.

The final opponents could be Marshall Industries, a private military company that begins the game employing the player character.


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