New PROJECT skins coming to League of Legends for Pyke, Akali, and more

By Marta Juras


Jul 14, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

New PROJECT skins are coming to League of Legends, but the surprise reveal ended up fizzling out a bit.

A brief teaser trailer was shared across League of Legends’ social media channels hinting at new science fiction-themed skins on July 13. The next day, another video dropped featuring new looks for Akali, Pyke, Jinx, and Irelia.

Riot’s tweet of the video contains hints on the lore implications of the reveal, reading “a band of cybernetic castoffs plans to infiltrate The City to destroy the entity that created and then abandoned them…the PROJECT Corporation.”

This is exciting news for players who main the champions but the reveal was unfortunately leaked ahead of time. Spanish streamer “ElmilloR”, who is part of the League of Legends Partner Program, opened his Discord while on stream and viewers had a few seconds to see his private conversation with those involved in the program.

Though he thought nothing of it, fans spotted a conversation that references new skins for Jinx and Pyke. The moment was clipped on Twitch and has been circulating around since.

That said, ElmilloR did not spoil the surprise too badly. The original teaser strongly hinted at Jinx and Pyke being among the next batch of cosmetics. The laser gun being fired at a door immediately points in Jinx’s direction while the final slash shown in the video closely resembles Pyke’s Bone Skewer.

In any case, fans are excited and judging from other recent releases, Riot Games should deliver high-quality cosmetics. The new skins are visually impressive in the trailer and will likely translate well to the game. Judging from past releases of PROJECT skins, players will also be treated to additional content, including summoner icons and missions. No release date or price point was given.

The list of other champions with futuristic skins includes Yi, Leona, Yasuo, Ashe, and more. These skins have been released in Legendary and Epic rarity, but the thematic is yet to see an ultimate skin.



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