New Pokemon x Oreo collaboration coming later this year

Steven Rondina • June 30, 18:32

An interesting new partnership between a snack giant and a gaming behemoth is set to kick off this fall.

Oreo released a suspicious trailer on Twitter featuring an electrified cookie with the reveal of something coming in September. While the implications weren’t clear from the video, the follow-up removed any doubt by adding a fire emoji, water emoji, and leaf emoji. 

The meaning was obvious. A Pokemon x Oreo collaboration is coming.

While no further details were given on what exactly the collaboration may entail, but there have been a fair number of limited-edition Oreos in the past that would likely provide an answer. In 2020, a Lady Gaga x Oreo partnership resulted in Oreos with pink cookies with unique prints and green filling. There was also a collaboration with fashion brand Supreme that resulted in red cookies with the Supreme logo on them.

Odds are that things will head in this direction with uniquely colored Oreos. The most obvious approach would be making Oreos that are colored like a Pokeball, possibly with the Pokeball design baked into the cookie. 

Nothing has been officially confirmed beyond the fact that a Pokemon x Oreo collaboration is coming, so expect details to be confirmed as September approaches.

Pokemon has had many confectionary collaborations

The Pokemon x Oreo collaboration is exciting but it’s far from the first of its kind for either party. Pokemon has licensed out its imagery for many different products in the past, including cookies. Last year, Pillsbury rolled out Pokemon-themed cookie dough that featured a Pikachu face and Pokeball design.

There have also been plenty of other Pokemon snacks over the years including Pokemon popsicles, breakfast cereals, and more. While there’s plenty to choose from even in the west, the amount of officially licensed Pokemon foods in Japan is many times more. Japan has seen all sorts of officially released Pokemon products for everything from curry sauces to cup noodles and nori. 

Pokemon fans looking to get a Pokemon x Oreo product ought to move fast once they release, however. Pokemon products have been flying off the shelves of late.


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