New jumping technique found in Apex Legends by Fnatic N1KOLA

By Quentyn Kennemer


Aug 29, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Despite now being out long enough to be thoroughly vetted and explored by its players, Apex Legends is still offering to players opportunities for discovering new ways to elevate their play.

The latest tip comes from Fnatic’s Nikola “N1KOLA” Svensson, who demonstrates a double jump technique that allows the player to scale battlefield structures more quickly than before. It also adds more unpredictable movements to one’s repertoire during fevered gun battles.

In the clip above, N1KOLA explains that the technique is performed by slide-jumping into a wall, minding the timing so that you hit the wall at the apex of your jump, no pun intended. From there, tap the jump button again and you’ll go flying in the other direction.

This is a quicker alternative for those looking to gain high ground or clear a short hurdle than the standard wall-scaling mechanic in Apex, but it’s also much more difficult to execute.

After practicing to perfect the jump for the past few weeks, N1KOLA thinks the skill may soon be necessary for any serious Apex Legends player to learn. Those who can pull it off with consistency will enjoy a slight edge in battle and mobility.

“It basically lets you get a maximum velocity wall jump without having to actually run and build up a lot of momentum,” N1KOLA said.

N1KOLA plays Apex Legends on PC using a mouse and keyboard, and this technique is bound to be easier to pull off under those circumstances. It’s unclear whether the jump is possible to do with a controller. Some suspect you’d need to crank the sensitivity higher to even make the attempt.

The verdict is out on whether this parkour-inspired trick will widely permeate the Apex scene. It might well demand attention if N1KOLA suddenly begins dominating the competition, but there’s an equal chance that the community will find it too burdensome to bother.

With ranked mode heating up competitive Apex Legends play, don’t be surprised if more discoveries like this surface on a regular basis, especially considering developer Respawn Entertainment continues to introduce characters with unique mobility mechanics.


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