New clips feature introduced to YouTube Gaming streams

Olivia Richman • January 30, 02:40

In a continued attempt to compete with Twitch, YouTube has announced a clip feature for its YouTube Gaming channels. 

According to YouTube’s announcement on Twitter, the addition of clips is currently an experiment that came to a “limited number of gaming channels” beginning yesterday. The addition of this feature was the result of feedback from creators who continuously asked YouTube to give them the ability to capture short sections of content to share moments from their videos and streams. 

What is YouTube Gaming’s clip feature?

Gaming channels on YouTube are able to create clips on desktop and Android. The feature will come to iOS devices soon, although YouTube hasn’t mentioned an exact date. 

The clips can be anywhere from five to 60 seconds long. Content creators can make clips from video uploads and streams and then share them to other platforms. Channels that allow the clips feature will have a scissors icon under their video, meaning viewers are allowed to select a portion of the video to create a clip. The clip will be played in a loop repeatedly. 

YouTube Gaming provided a full guide for content creators here

“We’re continuing to test this feature and will be making updates based on your feedback, so please share your thoughts with us,” the YouTube team said.
Feedback on the new feature can be shared to YouTube here. YouTube will provide further updates on the clip feature on the original blog that announced the news. 


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