New champion Neeko brings subterfuge to League

By Melany Moncada


Dec 12, 2018

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Riot Games has revealed its newest champion, Neeko, the curious chameleon.

Riot has hinted that an upcoming champion could disguise itself and trick the enemies, the developer did not disappoint the fans.


Neeko’s passive, Inherent Glamour, is what really sets her apart. She can disguise herself as an allied champion, including a fake health bar representing that ally’s current health. The illusion lasts until she casts Blooming Burst (Q) or Tangle-Barbs (E), or takes damage.

When Neeko casts Blooming Burst, she shoots a seed into an area that blooms and damages enemies. If the damage kills an enemy or damages an enemy champion, the seed blooms again.

Shapesplitter (W) sends a clone in a chosen direction, while Neeko becomes invisible and gains movement speed. Every third basic attack deals bonus magic damage and increases the movement speed. Neeko can also use this ability while disguised as an ally.

Tangle-Barbs is a magical spiral that deals damage and roots the enemy. The duration of the roots increases if it hits at least two enemies.

Pop Blossom (R) is Neeko’s ultimate. She leaps into the air and charges energy, and when she lands, Neeko deals massive damage and stuns nearby enemies.


Neeko was created to take over the mid lane or the jungle.

As a mid laner, Neeko offers plenty of opportunities for roams into the other lanes. Using Inherent Glamour, Neeko can show up at a different lane while the ally jungler invades the enemy side of the map.

In the jungle, Neeko can clean the camps fast and set up ganks thanks to the disguise tools.

The champion has also seen early play in the bottom lane, proving the versatility of her kit.


Neeko’s abilities are not difficult to master and understand. Once she acquires her core items, she deals enough damage to be a threat. The tricky part for the curious chameleon comes during team fights.

Pop Blossom allows Neeko to initiate fights as she can deal with multiple targets at once, but she needs her team to follow up appropriately. On her own, Neeko cannot deal enough damage to finish multiple enemies.


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