New bug on Split lets Skye flash through the walls

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 5, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Skye has turned “spooky” once again. Her flashes are squeezing through hard objects like metal to blindside the enemies.

Valorant players have long been complaining about unfair “pennable” spots. The developer took the complaints seriously and fireproofed various boxes. However, it seems that Split’s walls are fracturing, as Skye can now send her flashes through metal vents and openings.

No other agent in Valorant is capable of blindsiding enemies through solid objects except for Omen and Breach. The rest of the characters have distinct ways of flashing enemies that don’t include object penetration. For example, Skye’s hawk travels at her discretion to burst in the face of opponents. However, the bird couldn’t slide through solid objects before the recent glitch.

Valorant players discover new Skye bug on Split

George Geddes pointed out that a bug previously spotted on Haven has now arrived in Split. Skye’s flasher hawk is doing the impossible, becoming a peril for the clueless enemies.

The clip shared by Geddes works specifically on point B of Split. The hawk travels through the corner of B site towards B main, flashing attackers pushing in. This is game-breaking since attackers won’t be expecting a bird flashing them from behind. This broken lineup denies them any time to react to the flash and dodge it.

The lineup begins from under the tower. Keep your aim in the center of the crack and release the flash. Once you’ve freed the bird, slide the mouse towards the right side to blindside the enemies in B main. The bird can also travel in other directions, but it’s most effective to flash attackers pushing from the main entrance.

This bug can be a huge difference-maker in ranked games since there’s no foolproof way to dodge it. Skye equips two lasting flashes that can be restocked after 40 seconds, making her a menace with this bug. The agent can solely block point B with her hawks for the entirety of the round.

Skye’s flash has been bugged for quite a while now. A similar glitch was discovered on Ascent’s A site, where the agent could flash enemies on A link. That bug was equally game-breaking, but it seems to be entering more maps instead of getting patched. The bug is finally becoming more popular, so the developer might take notice and deliver a fix once and for all.