New broadcasters added to OWL crew for 2019 season

Morten Marstal • February 6, 11:00

Blizzard has announced that two new broadcasters will be joining the Overwatch League crew, along with three new “League Insiders”.

Wolf “Wolf” Schröder and Seth “Achilios” King are the new casters added to the roster for the Overwatch League Season 2. Both casters are renowned for their work domestically in Korea. Schröder has spent his entire adult life in Korea where he has casted tournaments across various pro games. King moved to Seoul three years ago to begin casting League of Legends for OGN, who have since lost broadcast rights to League developer Riot Games.

In addition to the new casters, three League Insiders were also revealed in a Twitter video posted on the Overwatch League Twitter account. Each insider has a specific role. Danny Lim is the Korean insider, Emily Tang’s work will be geared towards the league’s Chinese teams, and Mica Burton will focus on all other regions represented within the league.

Lim is most known for his coverage of K-Pop events, but he also worked as a translator for Korean players during the inaugural Overwatch League season. Emily Tang has ample experience as a professional interviewer, having spent five years working as a Hollywood red carpet correspondent for various award shows. Mica Burton has been playing Overwatch since the game’s closed beta and joins the league after having worked covering Contenders North America.

With the exception of Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson, the rest of the Overwatch talent team from the first season of play will be returning for Season 2. Although much hubbub surrounded Larsson’s departure, Overwatch League has told fans to look out for guest appearances by him and others throughout the season.


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