New Battlecast and Resistance League of Legends skins revealed

By Christian Vejvad


Oct 27, 2020

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Riot Games has five new skins ready to go for the last weeks of the season. 

It’s time for some brawlers to receive a new skin. Riot has presented a new Battlecast skin for Nasus and Zac, while Yorick, Jayce, and Singed will get new cosmetics from the Resistance skin line. The five new skins are expected to hit the Public Beta Environment very soon. 

Riot previously revealed its plans for League of Legends skins for the remainder of 2020, with Zac, Singed, and Yorick mentioned as champions that were in line for a new look. Some of the champions were part of the “1,000 day Club,” a list of champions that have not received a skin in over 1,000 days. The skins are now finally here and will give the champions with some long overdue new cosmetics. 

Nasus and Zac will be joining the Battlecast skin line, joining champions such as Vel’Koz, Skarner, and Xerath. The Resistance skin line is not as popular, with only two skins already released for Illaoi and Caitlyn. The three new skins will help revive that line and look to be great additions to the game. 

New Battlecast and Resistance skins for League of Legends

Battlecast Nasus

Blog post image

Battlecast Zac

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Resistance Yorick

Blog post image

Resistance Jayce 

Blog post image

Resistance Singed

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The skins are expected to go live on the PBE within the next couple of days. 


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