New agent Sprinter’s abilities could be from these famous characters

By Steven Rondina


Dec 29, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The upcoming 19th Valorant agent, codenamed Sprinter, has sparked the imagination among tactical shooter fans around the world. Many of them are asking the same question: What will Sprinter’s new abilities be?

It’s clear from the name that Sprinter is meant to be quicker than most other agents. While that’s a big deal given Jett has been the only agent built around mobility-based skills so far, it’s uncertain what form that mobility might take.

There are plenty of other speedster characters that Valorant could take inspiration from for its 19th agent. It’s worth taking a look at how this has been pulled off in other hero shooters and what it might look like in Valorant.

Overwatch’s Soldier: 76 is a likely inspiration for Sprinter

Overwatch has a number of different quick heroes and various others possessing skills that have extra mobility tools. While Genji and Tracer are the most iconic mobility heroes on the cast, both would likely be too similar to Jett’s dash abilities. The one that would be unique and most easily implemented into Valorant would be Soldier: 76.

Soldier: 76’s extra mobility option is straightforward. Players have the ability to toggle a dash that gives a moderate increase to his forward movement speed. While this is a little bland, having a character with the ability to move faster than anyone else would be an interesting prospect both offensively and defensively.

Of course, Soldier: 76 doesn’t just dash. He has an assault rifle with a grenade launcher and the ability to heal allies. Odds are that Sprinter won’t have all of those abilities, but a toggle dash could be interesting in Valorant.

Scout from Team Fortress 2’s abilities would shake up Valorant

Much like Soldier: 76, the Scout from Team Fortress 2 has a skill set that is potentially bland on the surface but would still be interesting in the context of Valorant. TF2 made hero shooters cool again all the way back in 2007, and the Scout was the speedy member of the game’s nine-character cast.

The Scout didn’t have any special abilities regarding his movement speed, but he inherently moved faster than anyone else in the game. He also had the passive ability to double jump, something nobody else in the game could do.

While this kit wouldn’t necessarily be flashy or stylish, it could be easily executed in Valorant. As with Soldier: 76, higher movement speed is interesting on its own, but a passive ability to double jump would set Sprinter apart from Jett and her charge-based high jumps. Sprinter would need other abilities to fill out their kit, but this would provide a strong foundation.

Sprinter could be a new take on Paladins’ Koga

Sprinter in Valorant could be cut from the same cloth as Paladins’ resident ninja, Koga. Koga works on an “energy” system where he gains charges that can be spent to use his different abilities. Those abilities include a movement speed boost with the ability to wall-climb and a dash attack.

Given the name “Sprinter” and the teases that she’ll have some sort of lightning powers, this more dazzling style would work well in Valorant both tactically and aesthetically. Being able to combine increased movement speed, the ability to scale walls and ledges, and dashes through enemies while dealing damage could be fun and would likely be different enough from Jett to be viable.

The mystery surrounding Sprinter should end before long. She will likely arrive in the game in January.