New agent and new map are teased in Valorant’s Year One Anthem

Fariha Bhatti • June 23, 19:28

Riot Games has just extended the Valorant agent roster with Kay/O, but the developer may already be teasing agent 17 and a brand new map. 

In Year One Anthem, Riot Games may have hinted at a well-dressed agent who looks like Cypher’s long-lost sibling. The cinematic also teased “Deadeye” as the new agent’s name, scribbled on the weapon he’s weilding. 

The teasers for the new character come when players expect it the least, since Valorant’s newest agent Kay/O has just joined the roster. However, the developer earlier commented that Valornant would be getting six agents per year, so the teasers shouldn’t come as a total surprise.

While the Year One Anthem cinematic celebrated all critical events during the game’s first year, some fans were keen enough to spot essential details that hint at the game’s future. Twitter user floxay detected multiple images of Deadeye plastered on the wall in of the fast cuts. Hair sleeked back, donned in a vest and a button-down shirt, Deadeye seems like an agent straight out of Fortnite. 

A few other Valorant leakers backed the idea and dug deeper for more precise images. Deadeye wears unique glasses that may hint at heightened vision abilities. He also has tattoos similar to Reyna’s, but his style of dress suggests that he may somehow relate to Cypher. Whatever the case, nothing is set in stone yet as it could just be an image of an older agent during the game’s development phase. 

New Valorant map teased in Year One Anthem

The Year One Watch also featured a bizarre floating location that has never been seen before in Valorant. A chunk of futuristic land was spotted hovering in the air, with a blue blast tearing through the sky from its heart.

This was the first image used in the Year One Anthem, so it’s unlikely the developer would showcase the new map so blatantly when Breeze has just released. It can be an unplayable location from current maps, but leakers like Cynprel believe that it is indeed a peek into the new map.

Valorant developers have sought to quickly grow the game’s map pool, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if the developer drops a brand new location in the next act. With so many agents and an ever-changing meta, players will just need more places to play.


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