Netflix is developing a high-budget AAA shooter game for PC

Fariha Bhatti • November 24, 2022 1:18 pm

Streaming service and production company Netflix is gearing up to test the waters in the AAA shooter industry. 

Where leakers fail to snatch a spicy bit of information, career postings often do the job. Netflix has previously purchased small gaming companies, such as Oxenfree developer Night School Studio, but it is typically known for producing and streaming hit TV shows and movies. The television streaming platform is now dipping its toes in video game development for PC. At least, that’s what a recent job posting suggests. 

Recently, Netflix posted a job on its website for Game Director at Games Studio for a brand new “AAA PC game.” 

Is Netflix developing a PC game? 

Yes, according to a job posting on Netflix’s official website. The developer is working on a AAA PC game worthy of a Netflix film or TV series. So, fans shouldn’t expect just a video game, but it might have a proper franchise with immersive characters and a storyline.

“The right candidate will bring industry-leading craft expertise and attention to detail to generate the vision for a game that is high quality, emotionally resonant, iconic, and full of heart,” the job description reads.

Chamber Valorant

Not much is known about the game itself yet, except that it’d likely be an FPS or third-person shooter game. It’s also being reported that this project will be led by former Overwatch producer and Blizzard vice-president Chacko Sonny. Besides that, the job description mentions that the ideal candidate must excel at Unreal Engine and live services. So, players should have high expectations from the Netflix-backed AAA title. 

This won’t be Netflix’s first rodeo in gaming. The streamer has slowly stepped into the gaming universe by acquiring multiple mobile titles. Earlier this year, the company built its own gaming studio from scratch and seems to be finally working on new projects. 

Few had expected a PC game to be first on Netflix’s high-budget project list while most thought that consoles might take precedence. But it’s undoubtedly a pleasant surprise for PC users that a AAA-level title is already under development. Now, fans are eager to know more about this high-budget game that will use the Unreal engine and be rooted in PC’s classic FPS genre.  


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