Need for Speed 2022

Need for Speed 2022 trailer rumored to be coming, release date leaked

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 29, 2022

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Besides a meager logo leak, nothing has slipped through the cracks regarding the highly-anticipated Need for Speed 2022. But racing fans might finally know the release date.

The Need for Speed franchise goes down in history as the ultimate go-to racing game. From scenic views to speedy supercars, the game had all the right ingredients that appeal to racing fans. Players have eagerly awaited a new installment after exhausting all vehicles and missions in the NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered 2020. However, Criterion has been awfully tight-lipped about the upcoming title that has been delayed more than once. 

Need for Speed was expected to arrive in 2021, but unknown hiccups pushed it to 2022. After being delayed three times, leakers may finally have dug out a release date, and it’s soon. 

When is the Need for Speed 2022 release date? 

According to Insider Gaming, Need for Speed 2022 is slated for December 2. An official reveal might happen in the month of October.

Leaks related to Need for Speed 2022 have been scarce, safe for a meager logo slip that looked pretty shady. The pixelated NFS Unbound logo looked unfinished and fake, but recent reports suggest it might be official. Insider Gaming claims that the upcoming racing title is indeed called NFS Unbound, and it’ll be unlike any other game in the installment. 

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NFS Unbound will divert from the norms, bringing a spicy touch of anime. An old in-game clip showcased animated ripples upon a car crash. Reports suggest that this might actually make it to the final version of the game. Besides anime, NFS 2022 will feature unique maps, meetups, and multiplayer races that can be kickstarted at different points of the location. The reports didn’t emphasize what a “unique” map entails, as previous games touched pretty close to open-world-like locations. 

Players will have to wait till the middle of October to get first-look at the official Need for Speed 2022 trailer if the report is to be believed. The teaser will be 1 minute 30 seconds long, and its soundtrack will feature American rapper A$AP Rocky, which is pretty exciting for the fans. 

Need for Speed Unbound will be released on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|s, and PC. 


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