League of Legends servers keep failing around the world

By Melany Moncada


Oct 23, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

North America is the most recent victim of Riot Games’ server issues. On October 19, players in the West Coast couldn’t login for several hours and Riot didn’t have an answer for them. It’s not the first server to go down without a warning and it might not be the last.

Players in North America experienced for the first time what the EUW players experience every other week. The server went down and didn’t allow players to login and join the queues. In the beginning, players blame their service providers, but soon it became obvious the issue came from Riot’s side.

The server issues are becoming common and seem to be getting worse. Back in February, the EUW server collapse and reported issues for a week straight. Latin America also had a similar issue back in June with both North and South servers down at the same time.

Why are the League of Legends servers failing?

Back in April, Riot warned about the possibility of a server collapse. The developer explained that due to the ongoing global situation, the servers were welcoming more players every day. Unfortunately, the servers were not ready to host that many players and some issues were to be expected.

The servers are not the only problem. The League of Legends client, that was supposedly going to be fixed in six months, is buggier than ever. Players keep complaining about the multiple problems and Riot yet to address the complains. Instead, the developer keeps sharing previews of Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends that in many ways looks better than its PC counterpart.

In some parts of the community, Wild Rift is not getting a positive reception because of this supposed gap in quality. Players are outraged that the mobile version is looking more stable than a game that has been around for ten years. Collapsing servers is just another issue that Riot didn’t want or need to deal with during this time.


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