Mysterious agent 8 may be involved in Yoru’s rework

By Fariha Bhatti


Feb 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games promised a Yoru rework, but Valorant developers are likely going to be creative with it. New lore suggests that Yoru was briefly stuck in time, which is the reason behind his upcoming changes. 

Few Valorant agents were as famed as Yoru was prior to his release. But the agent turned out to be a bust after months of glitz and anticipation. He lacked the elements of a duelist, and his sharp style could barely help open a site. Players kept bugging Riot Games to fix his kit, and the developer recently responded to the requests. 

Riot Games clarified that Yoru’s kit didn’t instantly get patched because they were planning on a mega makeover. The agent will undergo significant changes to help his pick rate in competitive lobbies. It seems that all of this won’t happen randomly, but the developer will likely set up lore around it. 

Brimstone gets a mysterious message from Yoru

Pack’s leader Brimstone is currently swamped with complaints and concerns from the younger Valorant agents. Apart from Neon complaining about Killjoy’s recklessness, Brimstone has received a creepy voice note from the Japanese agent, hinting at agent eight and a rework. 

Yoru’s kit has malfunctioned a bit during a dimensional drift, and he’s just as confused as us. According to the duelist, something weird happened during his teleport. The dimensional drift was weaker during his teleport, which meant he could get stuck in a time loop. He made it out unscathed, but he heard familiar voices. 

“I fell into a space that wasn’t just A to B. It felt like now to then. I pushed forward as far as I could, and Brimstone, I heard someone calling to me. I didn’t have time to answer before the rift closed, but I swear I knew her voice,” Yoru said. 

His voice note could mean a lot of things. Firstly, Yoru has likely received messages from agent eight, the mysterious character that never made it to the protocol. Secondly, this weird glitch in his dimensional drift could tie his rework to the unknown agent. Yoru said that he fell and experienced the bizarre calling. This probably means that some unknown force is interested in his powers. 

What changes are coming to Yoru?

It’s unknown how this connection would change his kit. We have a few theories, however.

A few days before Riot rolls out a reworked Yoru, the agent might be removed from the Valorant roster. After falling briefly in the space, the agent could be pulled in by this unknown force, who’d then assign him cloning powers. This novel agent could also just explain his true potential to utilize his kit effectively.

Whatever the case, the new Yoru rework will likely be more potent than Viper. It remains to be seen how this change happens, but things are indeed getting interesting in the Valorant universe.