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Most popular streaming platforms

By William Davis


Dec 11, 2023

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In the digital age, streaming platforms have become integral to our lives. Whether for entertainment, education, or simply connecting with a global audience, these platforms have reshaped how we consume content.

A recent survey shed light on the most popular video game streaming sites by brand, revealing some intriguing insights.

To better understand the landscape of video game streaming, let’s take a closer look at the survey results from the Statista study:

Streaming PlatformPercentage of Users
Bigo Live15%
Nimo TV14%
Cube TV11%

YouTube Gaming takes the lead

When it comes to video game streaming sites, one name reigns supreme – YouTube Gaming. According to a 2022 survey conducted among 976 consumers, YouTube Gaming emerged as the undisputed leader, with 53% of respondents choosing it as their preferred platform. This dominance isn’t surprising, given YouTube’s widespread popularity as a hub for various forms of content, including gaming.

These numbers provide a snapshot of consumers’ preferences when it comes to video game streaming platforms. While YouTube Gaming leads the pack, Twitch, a dedicated platform for gamers, closely follows with 46% of users.

A look at today’s leading platforms

The landscape of video game streaming platforms is both vibrant and dynamic, reflecting the ever-evolving tastes and preferences of the digital audience. YouTube Gaming’s lead in the industry, as indicated by the recent survey, underscores its widespread appeal and versatility in content, including the burgeoning niche of casino streaming. 

Twitch, despite its dedicated gaming focus, follows closely behind, illustrating the competitive nature of the streaming market. Platforms like Facebook, Bigo Live, Nimo TV, and Cube TV, though trailing in terms of user percentage, contribute to the diversity and richness of the streaming ecosystem.

Youtube Gaming casino streamers 

Twitch has enforced prohibited gambling content guidelines, which means that casino streamers are turning to YouTube, which has more lenient guidelines to promote its content. 

One of these streamers is Sky, who started his YouTube career creating content around video games. Starting in 2023, he started creating content around slot games, which, according to his YouTube stats, has been a success.  

The case of Sky’s successful pivot to casino streaming on YouTube highlights the platform’s adaptability and the opportunities it offers content creators to explore new genres and trends. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, these platforms are likely to further adapt and innovate, offering an ever-expanding universe of content for viewers worldwide.


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