Minx claps back against xQc’s comments about her ban reason

Jessica Scharnagle • December 29, 07:49

Popular Twitch streamer Justaminx has responded to Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s comments about her Twitch ban that occured on December 17 with no reason given by Twitch.

Justaminx, who often goes by Minx, watched a video while streaming of xQc talking about her ban on Twitch. xQc said that she wasn’t banned because she said the word simp.

Minx was banned for violating Twitch’s hateful conduct and harassment policy, but the streaming giant declined to tell Minx exactly what got her banned. She was banned for one week and was able to resume streaming on December 24.

During a charity stream for Games for Love, Minx was sent a video and she asked her mods if it was okay for her to watch on stream. Shortly after, her reaction to comments made by xQc were less than charitable. Minx went off and told her chat that he should use his platform to figure out why she was banned.

“You gotta upset the big boys in order to get answers.” Minx said.

After her initial rant, she asked her chat if she should do it again, and recorded a second clip that she hoped xQc would see in order to anger him into finding out the answer for her. While the second clip was staged, the first clip seemed like a genuine reponse to xQc, although she did clarify that her anger stemmed from the ban more so than the clip. 

Before this clip, xQc and Minx have had very few interactions. In one instance, Minx entered an Among Us lobby with xQc in it, but quickly left once she realized he was there. Afterwards, she confirmed that she had left the lobby because xQc was there, but the reason wasn’t his personality. Rather, it was his ability to play the game well. In explaining why she left, she even made sure to say that she didn’t think xQc was a bad guy. 

xQc has not responded to Minx’s video, but there is a chance that he might respond considering he is never one to back down from such issues as these. While it’s doubtful that the drama between xQc and Minx will turn into anything more volatile, fans of Minx are still hoping that xQc might make good on her request to find out why exactly she was banned.


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