Minecraft genius creates in-game 3D graphing calculator

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It’s possible to build almost anything in Minecraft, but a real-time 3D graphing calculator is a tall order for even the most skilled builders.

Minecraft aficionado CommanderRedstone has created a working three-dimensional graphing calculator inside of Minecraft. The build renders mathematical equations across three dimensions, creating beautiful patterns made out of Minecraft blocks in a matter of seconds. The input method is extremely complex, with all the standard features of a real graphing calculator including automatic truncating and inverse square root calculation. While far from the first calculator in Minecraft, it’s definitely the most beautiful.

The inner workings of the Minecraft 3D graphing calculator aren’t shown in the video, but the output is enough to impress anyone. The project includes a custom input structure that interprets everything from radical symbols to quadratic equations. A giant nearby void simulates the resulting data set. Diamond and terracotta blocks are used to illustrate the equation in real-time. The entire structure is centered around an iron origin representing 0, 0, 0.

The most impressive part of this Minecraft calculator is how it displays the equations in real-time. Instead of just plopping down all the related points, it renders the data across all three dimensions over the course of a few seconds. It appears that more complex equations can take up to 30 seconds to complete. This results in a steady wave of plotted points developing across the screen. The three-dimensional mathematical formulas create an interesting image from all sorts of different angles.

Minecraft 3D graphic calculator took two years to develop

CommanderRedstone is a fairly established crafter in the advanced Minecraft redstone community. He posted the first working prototype of his Minecraft 3D graphing calculator exactly two years ago on March 8, 2020. That version used a much simpler input system and operated on a tiny scale compared to the latest version. 

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CommanderRedstone posted several updates to the machine over two years along with other interesting Minecraft content. They seem to stay relatively private, though their projects imply that the CommanderRedstone is quite interested in both mathematics and the social side of Minecraft. He has created or promoted several Minecraft puzzles and PvP maps on the channel. Based on those creations and his 3D graphing calculator, it’s safe to say that CommanderRedstone is one of the most creative and skilled Minecraft builders in the world.