Meteos officially leaves 100 Thieves after public drama with team

By Melany Moncada


Jul 22, 2020

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Jungler William “Meteos” Hartman has parted ways with 100 Thieves, the team confirmed through Twitter.

Meteos is officially out of 100 Thieves, again. On June 29, 100 Thieves decided to bench Meteos and replaced him with 100 Thieves Academy jungler Juan “Contractz” Garcia. Right after the announcement, Meteos went on a Twitter rant and complained about the move. Meteos deleted the tweet right away, after receiving some backlash. The following day, the organization dropped support William “Stunt” Chen and said that it was evaluating all options for Meteos. 100 Thieves clarified that all options were on the table. Almost a month later, Meteos has parted ways with the team.

On a TwitLonger, Meteos revealed that while his time with 100T Academy was good, it was his choice to leave the team. The organization wanted to add Shane “Kenvi” Espinoza to the roster and offered Meteos the opportunity to split time. Meteos believed that it wouldn’t be beneficial for any of the parties involved and decided to exit the team.

According to the message, Meteos is not sure of his next step and will take the rest to the season to figure it out.

“I know that competing is still where my passion lies and it’s not something that I’m ready to close the door on,” Meteos wrote. The player concluded his message by asking the fans not to send any negativity towards 100 Thieves.

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How’s 100 Thieves doing without Meteos?

Since Meteos’ benching, 100 Thieves has picked up three key victories, one of them against Cloud9. No one expected 100 Thieves to be the team to break C9’s perfect record, but Contractz silenced any doubters by playing a key role in their victory. Playing as Olaf, Contractz started the game with a proactive and aggressive attitude. C9’s Robert “Blaber” Huang couldn’t match that aggression and 100 Thieves walked away with the victory as a result.

Because of the change in format, 100 Thieves needs to end the regular season eighth or higher to reach the playoffs.

100 Thieves returns to Summoner’s Rift on July 25 in a match against Counter Logic Gaming.


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